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Access to Global Traders and Buyers…

Get access to accredited suppliers with a host of commodities from Africa, East Europe and the rest of the world


Q: What are Commodities?

A: Commodities are raw materials and or finished goods that are tradeable on this exchange. Commodities range from natural resources such as oil, coal, minerals to finished products such as clothes and furniture.

Q: Has this trading platform got a track record?

A: Yes, This trading platform has been used by the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) for over 12 years amongst 52 different countries. BUCE is our partner and we shall continue to use best practices from and customize our platform to facilitate transparent trading of our members.

Q: What is the difference between a Spot Exchange and a Stock or Futures Exchange?

A: A spot exchange deals with real, langible goods that are available on demand. A stock or futures exchange deals with "paper" assets based on commodities and/or other financial instruments, we are a Spot Exchange.

Q: How do we know whether buyer can actually afford the commodity?

A: We hold deposits for our buyers so we guarantee their buying power

Q: How do we know whether sellers really have the commodities?

A: We do spot site visits as well as deal with entities governments and exchanges that have a proven track record.

Q: Can anyone become a member?

A: Yes as long as you go through the accreditation process and are successful.

Q: Is there a membership fee?

A: Yes, it is to the benefit of everyone on the platform that they know they are trading with other reliable traders in a transparent way . To ensure this, all members have to go through an accreditation process.

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Q: How is this different from other buying and selling sites?

A: AUC Exchange, you are assured of safety and transparency. This exchange is for commercial buyers and sellers (entities) with higher buying power and credible selling capabilities.

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